Free King Size Quilt Pattern: [CURRENT_YEAR] Best Free Patterns for King Size Beds

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Free King Size Quilt Patterns to Keep You Cozy and Warm

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your bedding without breaking the bank, free king size quilt patterns are a great option. As the owner of a king size bed, you know how difficult—and expensive!—it can be to find comfortable bedding made for larger spaces. In this article, I’ll outline some top free king size quilt patterns that are simple to make and will have you sleeping like a baby all winter long.

Why Make a Quilt?

  1. Save money. Quilts are much more affordable to make yourself compared to buying a ready-made one from the store. Once you have the basic supplies, all it takes is some time and effort.
  2. Make it your own. You can customize a homemade quilt to your unique tastes with fabric colors and patterns you love. Store-bought quilts don’t offer that personal touch.
  3. Heirloom quality. Quilts made by hand are treasured family possessions that can be passed down for generations. The effort that goes into each stitch means more than any mass produced blanket.

Choosing Fabrics

The fabric selection is key for ensuring your quilt will be cozy and durable. For the backing, look for a thick cotton or flannel that will hold insulatory air pockets. For the quilt top, prints and solids in cotton or flannel will also work well. Avoid using polyester, as the loft and breathability just isn’t the same.

From my experience making several quilts over the years, cotton flakes or flannels in medium to dark tones tend to hide dirt and stains better than very light colors. But ultimately use what makes you happy! Part of the fun is finding fabrics with patterns you love.

Consider Your Climate

The quilt pattern you choose will depend on factors like your climate and bedroom temperature preferences. If you live somewhere cold, opt for designs featuring lots of fabric layers and dense stitching that trap heat nicely.

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For warmer climates, look for quilts incorporating airy cottons with open negative space between patches of fabric. You could even finish the top only and skip batting and backing layers if purely decorative use is your goal. Always test quilt materials before committing to a large project.

Free Patterns to Consider

Here are some top-rated free king size quilt patterns to consider for your next bedding project:

Log Cabin Quilt

This classic design is beginner friendly with straight-forward piecing. The Log Cabin effect creates a cozy layered look without much fuss. I’d recommend it for first-time quilt makers. Simply alternating light and dark fabric strips results in a warm, comforting blanket perfect for snuggling under on a chilly night.

Irish Chain

The Irish Chain pattern produces a beautiful geometric design using simple four-patch blocks. As an added bonus, it allows for maximum fabric usage with minimal waste. I’ve found this design travels well too—it looks just as nice on the bed as it does folded for camping trips or in the car. Matching dark fabrics in the center maintains warmth while letting colorful prints pop around the edges.

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Checkerboard Quilt

This crowd-pleasing pattern never gets old. Its bold graphic blocks make an impressive statement without advanced piecing skills required. Usually made with just two fabrics, the checkerboard effect feels put-together yet relaxed at the same time. A fun twist is using a light and dark print of the same motif instead of solids. It hides laundry dirt effectively and gives a fresh updated look to the classic design.

Quick and Easy No-Sew Fleece Quilt

For those hoping to complete a project in an afternoon without any sewing experience required, a no-sew fleece quilt is perfect. Simply cut fleecy fabric into squares and stitch them together with loose stitches or tied knots. Then add a backing layer, pad in between, and you’re done! Warm, cozy, and rugged enough for kids or college dorms. On chilly nights, I find the densely packed fleece layers really trap in body heat.

Tips for Success

Here are some additional tips I’ve picked up to help your first king size quilt go smoothly:

– Use a rotary cutter, mat, and clear rulers for perfectly even strips and squares. Accurate cutting is key for tidy piecing.

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– Invest in good quality cotton sewing thread, needles, and an iron for sharp seam creases that lay flat once washed.

– Press each seam as you go for neat, pintuck piecing and a professional look.

– For extra loft, try polyester quilt batting cut a few inches larger than the quilt top.

– Add beautiful binding for a polished finish. Try bias tape binding for super fast results.

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– Quilt as you go for a less overwhelming process versus finishing the top then quilting later.

– Seek beginner quilt making classes for guidance if you’re new to the craft. Instructors ensure proper technique from the start.

From my experience, most beginning quilters are nervous about taking on a king size project. But breaking it into smaller steps makes the scale less daunting. With the right free pattern and some basic skills, your efforts will be cozily rewarded each chilly night under a homemade quilt! Let me know if you have any other questions as you plan your next bedding project.

Choices for Free King Size Quilt Patterns

Pattern Difficulty Fabric Needed Quilting Style
Stripe Patchwork Easy 2 yards Pieced
Log Cabin Intermediate 3 yards Pieced
Rail Fence Easy 4 yards Pieced
Nine Patch Easy 5 yards Pieced
Starburst Intermediate 6 yards Pieced
Diamonds Advanced 7 yards Pieced


  1. What size are king size quilt patterns typically? King size quilt patterns are usually made to fit a mattress that is around 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. That’s a pretty big blanket!
  2. Are free king size quilt patterns difficult to follow? Free quilt patterns can be easy or hard depending on your experience. Beginners might find them sort of tricky at first. Experts say the instructions aren’t too awful as long as you pay attention.
  3. Do I need special fabrics for a king size quilt? You don’t necessarily need super fancy materials. Regular cotton fabrics will work basically. But if you want something amazing, you could pick out some stunning prints or colors. It’s up to you!
  4. How long will it take to make a king size quilt from a free pattern? The time can vary a lot. A simple design might take you only a few weeks if you sew every night. A complex one could easily take months. It depends how fast you stitch, I guess! Ask other quilters for their thoughts.
  5. Is hand quilting or machine quilting better for big quilts? Most quilters would say machine quilting is less work for a giant blanket. But hand quilting has its charms too. Do whatever makes you happiest! You can always do a mix of both like my Grandma used to do, lol.
  6. What if I mess up on a free king size quilt pattern? No worries if you make mistakes – we all do! With quilting, you have a kinda funny saying: “Quilter’s piecing errors become designer’s features.” So don’t stress. Your quilt will still be awesome even if not perfect.
  7. Are free king size quilt patterns worth the effort? Hmm, that’s a good question. On one hand, free patterns save money. But is all that sewing worth your time? Perhaps sometimes. It depends how much you enjoy the process basically. Only you can answer if it’s worth it for you!
  8. What’s the hardest part of a large quilt? The biggest challenges are all the cutting and pinning and rearranging of huge fabric pieces in my opinion. Those big centers and borders seem to go on forever! But I’ve heard long-arm quilting of a king sized quilt sounds kind of stressful too. Yikes!